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My Dutch ISP provider YourHosting offers VPS with a pre-installed Turnkey Wordpress package but offers no free service. After chosing this package my site shows the new Wordpress site, but it cannot be used yet because the installation has to be completed first through the console.

Turnkey GNU/Linux – First boot configuration asks for:

Root Password
MySQL Password
Wordpress Password
Wordpress Email
API Key (I skip this)
Email: – Enable
Is your email correct? Yes
Security updates: Install

When the screen with Advanced Menu appears, I choose Quit. 

After this I encounter the following issues:

1. The website no longer shows the Wordpress site but instead it says: Error establishing a database connection.
2. I cannot establish an FTP-connection.
3. How to connect to the MySQL database?

If there is a tutorial somewhere I'd like to know where it is. Any help is welcome.

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I moved the site to another ISP and the problems were gone.

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My guess is that they have our old images and haven't updated to the latest ones. If my guess is correct, then the issue that you were hitting was most likely this one.

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