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How to take the backup and restore e the turnkey Linux for otrs

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Assuming that you wish to backup a v15.x appliance with TKLBAM (and restore the backup back to the same machine) then it's super simple. This is pretty general info, but if you can give me more info about what you are trying to do and/or what issues you are having, I may be able to provide some more specific info.

If you haven't already, initialise TKLBAM with your Hub API key:

tklbam-init YOUR_HUB_API_KEY

Substitute 'YOUR_HUB_API_KEY'. Alternatively, leave that off and enter it in interactively. Then create your backup:


To restore your backup, you need to know the Backup ID number. You can likely skip that if you only have one. Otherwise, either check the Hub's backups page, or from the commandline:


If you'd like to restore a backup from an alternate server, you may wish to view all the available backups:


Then to restore:

tklbam-restore BACKUP_ID

Substituting 'BACKUP_ID' for the actual backup ID number.

It's also worth noting, that if you wish to enable automated backups, then you'll need to enable the automated backup job:

chmod +x /etc/cron.daily/tklbam-backup

Note that TKLBAM is only ever tested restoring a backup from one appliance to exactly the same appliance (e.g. from OTRS to OTRS). It can be used to move data between different appliances, but that is really only for advanced users who know what they are doing.

It should work flawlessly when restoring to the same server, or at least exactly the same TurnKey version. E.g. TurnKey OTRS v15.1 -> TurnKey OTRS v15.1. As a general rule, migrating data between different minor versions (of the same major version) should also work fine. E.g. TurnKey OTRS v15.0 -> TurnKey OTRS v15.1. However, as soon as you start migrating data between major versions (e.g. v14.2 -> v15.1), then you will need to do some additional work. We have an older docs page that was explicitly written for migrating data to v14.x from earlier versions. The software specifics of migrating from v14.x to v15.x aren't covered, but the general idea and the suggested workflow is still relevant.

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