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Hi All,

I tried to enable event logging by adding eventlog list =  Security to the General seciton of the smb.conf file. It didn't work. Gives me an error when I try to connect via the Windows Event Log console.

Any ideas?



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Unfortunately, I'm no Windows expert, nor even a Samba one. TBH, I'm really only stabbing in the dark.

After reading the page you link to, it does seem that it should be possible to view info logged by Samba via the Window "event viewer". Assuming that you have configured Samba (as your post suggests you have), as well as on the Windows side - on a Win machine which is joined to the AD (you don't clearly state) then the only thing that springs to mind is whether you've restarted Samba (restart is required to apply config changes)? IIRC this should do it:

systemctl restart samba-ad-dc

If you've done that and you're still not having any joy, then I'm not sure at all... Perhaps if you could share the exact error message you are getting when trying to connect that might help troubleshooting? Having said that, even with the explicit error message I'm not really sure how helpful I'll be... Perhaps it's worth asking on the Samba mailing list? If you have any progress, then please share.

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Thanks for the reply Jeremy. Yes, I restarted. The actual error is "The procedure number is out of range(1745)".

At this point I would be happy with any domain logging of log ins and fails (need it for an external audit.) I aslo tried , but implemeting that won't let Samba service start.


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That error message appears to be related to failed RPC calls but I couldn't find anything specific.

Unfortunately the only thing I can suggest is seeking help via the Samba mailing list as I noted before. It might be worth noting that TurnKey v15.x Domain Controller ships with Samba v4.5.16 (via Debian repositories).

I'd have a test myself, but I don't have any Windows gear handy...

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