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I'm a little frustrated and overwhelmed. I get fresh turnkey templates via a Proxmox node. In this case "debian-9-turnkey-nextcloud_15.2-1 (..). Tar.gz" And after successfully installing the application, I try via. confconsole Lets Encrypt get a certificate, but always get the error message:

  "type": "urn: acme: error: badNonce",
  "detail": "JWS has no anti-replay nonce",
  "status": 400
After some information, did I discover that it must have something to do with an old version? If I follow the instructions below ( the problem is solved. However, I wonder why this error is made at the factory? Is that an old version? It seems very new to me.
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After doing apt update and dist upgrade a new error appears:

"To accept these terms of service run /usr/bin/dehydrated --register --accept-terms"

Running this command:

this_hookscript_is_broken__dehydrated_is_working ... will fix this.

But i'm still asking why the newest version is already outdated and not working ootb?

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So it sounds like you are on the right track, although there are obviously a few points you've missed. I suspect that English may not be your first language, so apologies if the way I write things has contributed to your confusion.

Firstly the latest version of Confconsole is v1.1.2 (there is a note at the top of the v1.1.1 release notes directing you to the newer release, but you must have missed that.

And the error message that you are still seeing suggests that you did not follow the directions completely. Part of the instructions is to manually remove the existing config files and cron job. To quote the instructions:
Remove deprecated files (confconsole.config & - also the default cron job):
rm -rf /etc/dehydrated/confconsole{.config,}
rm -rf /etc/cron.daily/confconsole-dehydrated

(Note that the v1.1.1 instructions didn't note the removal/replacement of the cron job - but did note the removal/replacement of the hook script and the config file).

Now assuming that you have also run dehydrated to accept the new terms (i.e. "/usr/bin/dehydrated --register --accept-terms") then it should now "just work".

FWIW we do have new images in the pipeline where all this is redundant and should "just work" OOTB. I'm not sure when they'll be available, but should be really soon! :)

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