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Am I blind, or is there no issue tracker for the various Turnkey repos on Github?

Where do we file bug reports?

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We have a "consolidated" issue tracker. We do it like that as many of our users might only hit an issue on the one specific appliance they're using and and may not realise that it's something common to all appliances, or a subset of appliances, or a particular script or custom tool we provide. So it's easier for us to just have one place where issues are reported, then we sort them as per what they specifically affect.

You can use the tags and/or search box to check that a particular issue hasn't already been reported. Whilst you won't be able to add tags to new issues you create, you can use them to find existing known issues. It's worth noting that there are some peculiarities.

As you'd expect, if a bug affects a particular custom tool we provide via our apt repo, then it will be tagged with that software. However, if the bug affects all appliances, 'core' will also generally be tagged. If it affects all LAMP based appliances, 'lamp' will often be tagged. It's also worth noting that we close issues when we commit code that resolves the issue. If it involves packaged software, the updated package will generally be built ASAP. However, that doesn't necessarily mean that it's fixed in the current latest release of the particular appliance. That is especially the case with appliance specific build code (i.e. customisations that aren't packaged).

So bottom line, if you'd like to report a bug, please feel free to just open an issue and provide as much info as possible. We'll see the issue and tag it appropriately (from the info in your post - if there's any ambiguity, we'll ask).

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