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I've had my server backed up with the hub for some time, and I just noticed it is not respecting the number of sessions when I limit it to 10.  Therefore, it just keeps using more space.  What's up with that?  This is costing much more money than it should.





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I assume you are referring to "Max backups" in the Hub (can be set for each backup record). If so, that only counts full backups. By default, with TKLBAM enabled on your server, full backups occur monthly, with daily incremental backups. (Difference between full and incremental backups).

So with the current TKLBAM defaults, and "Max backups" in the Hub set to 10, you will end up with a maximum of 11 x ~30 individual backup sessions stored. (The oldest full backup and the ~30 incrementals that depend on it, will not be deleted until the 11th full backup completes successfully).

I'm guessing that you were not aware of some of the above? Assuming that there has been some confusion and it is working as we intend, and you want to trim your backups down you have 2 choices:

  • Reduce the "Max backups" to how many months of backups you want to keep (perhaps even just 1?).
  • or if you do only want 10 days, then reduce "Max backups" to 1. Then reduce the period that full backups occur.

Reduce max backups.

If you are happy to keep a full months worth of backups (actually will store not quite 2 months) then simply set "Max backups" to 1.

Store only 10 days worth of backups.

If you really only want 10 individual sessions (will actually save up to 20 sessions as per above "rules") then you'll need to change the TKLBAM full backup frequency on your server. Do that in the TKLBAM conf file; /etc/tklbam/conf. It contains as much info as you should need:

cat /etc/tklbam/conf
# full-backup: time frequency of full backup
# (in between full backups we do incremental backups)
#   format := [mhDWM]
#     e.g.,
#     60m - 60 minutes
#     12h - 12 hours
#     3D - three days
#     2W - two weeks
#     1M - one month

full-backup 1M

As you can see there, the default is "1M" (one month). So just change the "full-backup" line to 10 days:

full-backup 10D

Actually here's a one liner to do it for you:

sed -i "\|^full-backup| s| .*| 10D|" /etc/tklbam/conf

Double check it with grep:

grep ^full-backup /etc/tklbam/conf

Either way...

Either way, any changes to max backups won't actually occur until you next push a backup. If you want to clear out all the history, then you can push a new full backup like this:

tklbam-backup --full-backup now

Hope that helps.

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That's a nice comprehensive answer, thanks!



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