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Hello everyone. I am new to this forum and this is my first post also. The last couple of days I am facing an issue with my computer. That is Firefox Won’t Play YouTube On Debian 8. Guys, I don't know why this is happening and how to fix this issue. Can anyone provide any suggestions for this?  Any help will be appreciated.

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Hi Clinton. First up, we're a headless server distro (so no screen or keyboard connected, so no desktop, no GUI apps, etc) so you're probably in the wrong spot for GUI app issues.

Regardless, I am a Debian daily driver myself. The first thing I would recommend is upgrading to the latest Debian stable release (11/Bullseye). Debian 8/Jessie was released 6 years ago and is no longer fully supported. So you are almost certainly running a really old (and and probably insecure) version. Note that you can't skip versions when upgrading Debian (meaning you will need to first upgrade to 9/Stretch, then 10/Buster, then finally 11/Bullseye). So it might actually be quicker/easier to just wipe everything (obviously backup your $HOME at least) do a clean install?!

Once you are using a supported OS, then if you still have troubles (and have tried all the usual things like disabling hardware acceleration, clearing cache and cookies, etc) , I suggest posting on Unix/Linux stack exchange, or perhaps AskUbuntu (the Ubuntu stack exchange - whilst you are using Debian, Ubuntu is a derivative of Debian and as it's often perceived as "more noob friendly" so the AskUbuntu has a bit more traffic and is probably more noob friendly too).

Good luck!

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Hello. I am not an expert in this matter. Follow this. Hopefully, it will help you and others also.

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