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I suspect this may be a TKL issue since I'm not finding help elsewhere, so I'm posting here first.

I've downloaded the most recent TKL OpenVPN appliance, set it up as a gateway, created a profile, and can successfully connect to my remote network. Everything is extremely vanilla - I didn't modify the TKL appliance beyond the initial wizard. However, I cannot SSH to any of the systems on the remote network once I have connected to the VPN. Strangely, I can do all of this:

  • I can ping all of the servers, so they are reachable
  • I can telnet to the remote systems with port 22, so the port isn't blocked
  • I can reach web resources on remote systems such as:
    • The TKL Webmin and Shell-in-a-Box services running on the OpenVPN server
    • Web pages hosted on a Wordpress system set up behind the VPN

I just can't SSH to any of the servers behind the VPN once I'm connected. Any ideas?

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I feel extremely stupid. I've been trying to connect when tethered to my Android phone (I'm on the road for Christmas), and when I reached a hotel, everything worked. It turns out that in the "Hotspot" settings on Android, there's an option for "Allow clients to use VPNs." As soon as I toggled that, I could connect and SSH to systems without issue. Sorry to bother - feel free to delete this if you'd like!

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Don't worry too much, it happens to the best of us! I'm certainly not immune to overlooking possibilities when trying to troubleshoot issues.

Thanks for posting back and I think your post is good to leave here. Your post might be just the prompt someone else needs to find their issue?!

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