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Using TurnKey LXC for 2years. Due to hardware crash now experiencing error 366, the container failed to start. My question is this: has it ever been possible to salvage data or the actual container? Can the data be read somehow or moved? It was a test system so I is ok if its not possible.

Thanks for reading.

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I think its over for now, spun up another LXC box but I dont think you can use it anymore as the lxc-create command returns a version not supported error. Letting go.

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Apologies on my slow response. I've been snowed under but have come up for air...

It sounds like you've moved on, but unfortunately, we haven't maintained the LXC appliance (although we do have LXC builds, which run great under LXC on Proxmox).

As it's Linux, it's almost certain that it could have been rescued, but sometimes the time and energy required just aren't worth it. Sometimes, it's better to just move on...

I do hope to resurrect the LXC appliance at some point, but I'm not sure when I'll have the spare cycles it will require. Please don't hold your breath. If you want to run TurnKey LXC containers, I recommend checking out Proxmox VE.

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