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Hello all,

Here is my system: 
Proxmox 7.2.3
all systems set up with the core from Turnkey

Now my problem:
from one day to the next all systems go crazy. the scales increase from 0 to 100 and my CPU gets a critical heat value.
I have now installed the last update, but the same crap.

The only thing that helped me was to find out the problem via htop: jitterentropy-rngd

I have now stopped this on all systems and everything still works.
Is this a bug and will it be fixed?
I just don't want to set up on "normal Debian" ...


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Hi there and welcome to TurnKey.

Yes, unfortunately, it's a known issue that jitterentropy-rngd causes issues on some hardware (FWIW, I can't reproduce it on my local Proxmox). acpid is another package that is known to cause issues for some too. I suggest just removing both of these packages:

apt purge -y jitterentropy-rngd acpid

Future Proxmox LXC container releases of TurnKey (v17.x - which shouldn't be too far away now) will not include these packages, so these particular bugs should be resolved.

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Hi Jeremy,

I will remove everything as a precaution

Thanks for the quick reply ;-)

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