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Dear all, I'm new and I have something strange. Hopefully it is somehing that is easy to solve but all the automated backup of MySQL databases I make (either through MySQL or AutoMySQLBackup script) are incomplete! When I open the .sql file I see that it simple ends in the middle of a table. The size of the file differs also every time.

When I make a manual backup in Adminer I have no problems at all but I rather have it automated. What could this be? Thanks!

I have version Webmin 1.780 by the way

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It sounds like MySQL may be crashing during the dump perhaps?

A mysql dump should work fine otherwise and should be consistent. I'm not at all familiar with AutoMySQLBackup but assuming it's a Linux compatible MySQL tool, then that too should work as expected...

It is very strange that you can export via Adminer ok, but not via any other method!? As far as I know, Adminer simply does a SQL dump, so it should be doing the same thing as a commandline dump of the DB.

So TBH, I have no idea. You could try TKLBAM (our built-in backup tool), but that just dumps the DB, so if if your database is unstable, then that probably won't work either.

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