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Is there any plan to update the LAMP and LAPP VMs to use PHP7 rather than an old PHP5? 



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Hi Todd. Funnily enough, I only just responded to a similar question! :) I'll just repost what I wrote there (with a little editing, because I just can't help myself...):

Our next major release (v15.0) will come with PHP7 by default. Unfortunately that means that a few of our LAMP based appliances (not yet compatible with php7) will likely be missing from the v15.0 release.

The next release is currently in progress. We still have a few issues to sort out, but I'm hoping that we'll have a v15.0 Core Release Candidate image available soon. How soon soon is though? I can't tell you sorry...

I have a shocking habit of overestimating the team's speed and ability and underestimate the volume of bugs we hit, so I'm going to refrain from guessing a release date ATM. Although I'll be really disappointed if we can't at least have a v15.0 Core RC by Christmas! (That doesn't mean it will definitely happen, but fingers crossed...)

Anyway, after Core comes out, then hopefully the rest of the appliance will follow soon after...

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