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Trying a restore of the nginx fastgi server.  Currently runs on 50GB disk on VMware (not sure why such a big disk - it was just setup that way)  - restoring to a Virtual box instance.

Now we gave the virtual box instance over 50GB disk space to be sure.  But the full backup is just over 1GB.  Its a proxy and doesn't do a great deal.

Having tried twice when restoring it gets part way through then appears to have filled the disk.

Disk usage on the live server is about 4GB - so I'm guessing something is going wrong... (stating the obvious I know).

Any thoughts ... had a search through the forums couldn't see anything obvious.

The profile is turnkey-nginx-php-fastcgi-13.0-wheezy-amd64


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Tried to create new topic unable to do it.However consider here.Looking for best backup tool

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Apologies on my delayed response. I've been attending and it's been a bit crazy! I missed your post. Sorry about that!

As you suspect, I'm inclined to think that it's backing up something that it shouldn't be...

Just to clarify, do you need to restore your backup now, or are you just testing? If just testing, you can check what is being backed up (and trim it down if need be) like this.

If you need to restore, you could try doing it in 2 stages to see if that helps... First download the backup like this:

mkdir /tklbam-dump
tklbam-restore BACKUP_ID --raw-download=/tklbam-dump
Then you can have a look in /tklbam-dump and see what is taking up all the space. I suggest that you install ncdu to help with that:
apt-get update && apt-get install ncdu
You can then restore it, either explicitly excluding directories, e.g. to just exclude /var/cache:
tklbam-restore /tklbam-dump --limits="-/var/cache"

Additional exclusions can be defined too, make them space separated and preceded with a '-' Or you could go the other way and just restore the directories you want (e.g. /root):

tklbam-restore /tklbam-dump --limits="/root"

Again you can define multiple inclusions (space separated, but with no preceding char). That will assume that you don't restore any other dirs. Alternatively you can do each one separately (with a separate tklbam-restore).

Worst case scenario, you could (temporarily) add a big volume and mount --bind it to /var/cache/tklbam and /var/cache/duplicity (where the backup and download caches are stored).

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