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We are now seeking to expand our support for our OTRS Help Desk System with talking to the outside world (employee personal e-mail accounts; that may not be able to log into our portal to gain access to our internal email LAN). 

I have altered the Core::Sendmail config to use SMTP and pointed it to our mail host for routing e-mail, but when sending a test e-mail to the help desk account, the auto-generated e-mail never makes it to the sender -- however, all corresponding follow up e-mails (replies) and closer of the ticket sends off an e-mail to the sender's e-mail.

What is preventing the auto-generated ticket responding e-mail from making it to the sender, if all follow up e-mails (back and forth) are making it?

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It looks like your post got tagged by the spam filter and I missed. Sorry about that.

However, you haven;t stated what TurnKey version you are using and how you have configured it. It's really hard to provide much insight without some more information. When it comes to debugging and troubleshooting, there is no such thing as "too much information"! :)

I suggest that you create a forum user account and start a new thread giving all the relevant details, including what you have configured and what you have tried. Any error messages you are getting would also be helpful.

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