i have tried both the ISO and the OVA, for both version 15 and 14.2

the install seems to go normal, but when it asks for the domain name, i see an error message really quick, but i can't catch it.

when the server comes up, the web interface defaults to example.com, instead of the domain entered.

also, the root and admin login for ssh don't work.


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Out of curiosity, where/how are you installing? You mention OVA and ISO, but not the VM software you are using (I assume VirtualBox or some VMware software?). It most likely doesn't matter, but the more info the better.

Regardless, for SSH, that part should certainly "just work". I.e. username 'root', password set at firstboot (should be the first password it asks you to set).

One reason that may not work, is if you are using a keyboard other than US-international. In that case, it may be interpreting the keystrokes incorrectly within the VM window, but correctly when using an SSH client (but they won't match).

The only other possibility that occurs to me, is that perhaps the host disk is out of free space? It's probably a long shot, but if there is not enough free space to save the new config, then it may not be happening?

It's not much help at the moment as you can't log in via SSH, but if you could, you can manually re-run the interactive firstboot scripts by running:


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