I have TKL with a wordpress appliance. Also use tklbam for backups. Last time I migrated, I used these docs: www.turnkeylinux.org/docs/appliance-upgrade and www.turnkeylinux.org/docs/tklbam-migrate-to-v14

Should we use the same docs for guidance on migrating to v15.2 or are there new docs? (I cannot find any but want to make sure)

Thank you. - Lisa

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I probably should update that page to make it more generic...

But to explicitly answer your question, the section that notes software specific updating requirements (e.g. Apache) don't apply, but the general process remains the same.

If you have any troubles or further questions, please ask. Actually, it'd be awesome if you can let me know how it goes regardless?! Good luck! :)

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First, I would like to say that I appreciate all you guys do over at TURИKEY.

For Our Migration, here is what we did:

Removed TKLBAM Backup from Backups Page https://hub.turnkeylinux.org/backups/


14.x Site - run the tklbam -backup


installed the appliance

configured the appliance defaults

initialized tklbam with the same API key from OLD site

verified the restore ID from https://hub.turnkeylinux.org/backups/ page


SSH to new site and run the tklbam-restore ID#

waited for restoration processes.... (there is no DOWNLOAD process indicator - once download finishes, you will see the file restore process - be patient)

once done, it will tell you.

Then reboot command or use the console

Verifying installation....

I will update on what else we may run across.

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I would anticipate that the migration from v14.x to v15.x would go pretty smoothly, but it's great to hear that has been your experience (at least so far...).

Re your point on "no DOWNLOAD process indicator", I agree it's not really very user friendly... I really hope to remedy that at some point in the near future. Also a progress indicator of some sort when it's backing up would be handy too IMO. As we've got a fair bit on at the moment, unfortunately I can't give you an ETA, but within the coming months I hope. Having said that, the updated version will probably only be available for the (upcoming, work in progress) TurnKey v16.x.

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