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I have a TurnkeyLinux Wordpress appliance on an on-premise VMware host. I use TKLBAM to backup the appliance to AWS. I want to move the appliance permanently to AWS. Is there a step-by-step document that I can use to help me do that?

I hope this is clear. Thanks for your help.

David Schieber

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In theory, moving your appliance to AWS, using TKLBAM is super simple. Essentially just restore your backup to a new server...!

However, as per most things in life, the devil is in the detail...

If you are migrating data from exactly the same TurnKey version (e.g. v15.2 -> v15.2) then it should "just work". If you are migrating between the same major version of TurnKey (e.g. v15.0 -> v15.2) then in the case of WordPress, that too should "just work". It's worth noting that that is case-by-case per appliance and per version - very occasionally we make major breaking changes between minor version releases on specific appliances.

Having said that, you may still need to make a few config adjustments, depending on the nature of how you have things configured on your local server. I can't really say too much more on that unless you can detail an issue you've hit. This would most likely only apply if you've done some config customisation.

If you are transferring between major versions (e.g. v14.2 -> v15.2) then you will almost certainly need to do things a little differently. The way that I recommend is to only restore the specific WordPress components (similar applies to other appliances). I've been meaning to document that better for ages, so if that's what you need, please let me know and I can detail it (and it will provide motivation to create a proper step-by-step doc page covering my suggestion).

If you're going between major versions, you may be better off initially doing that within a new local server. I.e. download the latest release and transfer to that first, get it all running, then make a new backup of the new server.

As a final note, I recall that a user reported an issue when migrating data from a Proxmox container to an AWS server. I never did get to the bottom of that, but let me know if that's your scenario and I'll investigate a little more (I'm almost certain that the issue is something being included in the backup which shouldn't be).

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