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I'm currently using Turnkey Moodle version 15.3 I believe. I am upgrading my ESXi hosts from 6 to 6.7. When I go to vmotion my Turnkey Moodle VM, I'm presented with the following:

Virtual ethernet card 'Network adapter 1' is not supported. "This is not a limitation of the host in general, but of the virtual machine's configured guest OS on the selected host."

I have a sandbox that I moved and it appears to be working fine. I'm just wondering if this is something I can ignore or if action should be taken. Thank you.

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FWIW, I know almost nothing about VMware but I did a quick google and essentially this seems to be caused because the upgraded VMware virtual hardware configuration no longer "supports" the old VMware virtual hardware. I don't think that it's anything specific to TurnKey or even Linux? Although, it does seem possible, that if you created the VM from our OVA, perhaps we're using some legacy config that is no longer ideal?

Out of interest, how did you install this VM? Was it from the OVA, VMDK or ISO? If it was via OVA, then I suspect that perhaps there's something we need to update?!

First thing first, if it all still appears to work ok (beyond the warning message), then one option would probably be to just ignore the warning and continue on as per usual.

Beyond that, many of the posts I found via google suggest stopping the VM, removing the virtual network config for this VM, then re-adding it. Obviously make sure that you have a tested backup first!

Please let us know how you go.

Also, assuming that all works, if you wouldn't mind, it'd be great if you could export the "fixed" VM as an OVF (assuming that's an option) and share that with me? I don't want the complete VM (e.g. the disk image etc), just the OVF file. The file itself should just be an XML text-based config file. If I can get a copy of the fixed one, I can compare it to the old one and look to improve our default images next release.

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I deployed from your OVA. I just got off the phone with VMware. The issue is your OVA is using the Flexible network adapter which is no longer supported. Do you know if there would be any ramifications of removing the flexible network adapater and adding the vmxnet3 adapter? Would I need to change anything on the OS?

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Ok thanks for the additional info Brian. That's handy to know. To ensure it doesn't get forgotten, I've opened an issue on our tracker.

FWIW we use VMware's OVFTool to generate our OVA releases. So hopefully if we just ensure that we're using the latest OVFTool version , it should "just work"... Bu I guess we'll see...

Re your question, TurnKey Linux OVAs have "open-vm-tools" package pre-installed. So between that and the kernel that comes with v15.x by default, I would expect that vmxnet3 adaptor should "just work". If for some reason it doesn't, the E1000 (emulated hardware) is generally a good generic choice (to at least get you up and running).

So bottom line, it should be pretty straight forward, just change the virtualised netwokring hardware and you should be good to go. Obviously make sure that you have some sort of backup first just in case...

I'd love to hear how you go.

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