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Not sure if this is the right place for this, since I am not sure if it is a bug or not, I literally started playing around TKLDev yesterday and still trying to wrap my head around it, so it is probably user error.

I am experimenting with making a template for nginx-proxy-manager using TKLDev based on the documentation listed on the TKLDev repo, as well as referencing other templates listed on turnkeylinux-apps.

I am running TKLDev from a linux container in Proxmox (debian-10-turnkey-tkldev_16.0-1_amd64), the whole thing downloads, installs and boots without issues, very nice user experience!

tkldev-setup runs on first boot, and the build dependency directories are populated, and are at their respective latest git commits.

The documentation states that the sandbox is currently broken, so I have not attempted to play around with that feature.

However I am having issues building images, even the unmoddified core. When building I get the following printout:

root@ct-turnkey-dev# cd core
root@ct-turnkey-dev# make
fatal: overlay module not loaded
fatal: overlay module not loaded
deck /turnkey/fab/bootstraps/buster build/bootstrap
fatal: overlay module not loaded
make: *** [/usr/share/fab/ build/stamps/bootstrap] Error 1

I have google-fu'ed the best I know how, and have read through the listed documentation several times, but maybe there is a step I missed. If anyone can give a hint, I would appreciate it!

Kind regards, soren-n

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You may well be able to work around the issues that you'll hit within a container (e.g. load the overlay module into the host kernel to workaround the "overlay module not loaded" error). But to reduce the friction, I strongly suggest downloadng the ISO (from the TKLDev appliance page) and install to a "proper" VM (KVM on Proxmox). If you're only planning to hack on our Nginx app, then 3 vCPUs and 1-2GB RAM should be enough, but more is generally better...

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I ran into this as well today. If TKLdev doesn't actually work under LXC it probably shouldn't be offered as a proxmox LXC template for the time being.

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