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Hi everyone,

Can anyone tell me what uses port 10000 on Turnkey Wordpress VM?  I need to install a backup application that uses that port.  if it's webmin, is there a way to disable it from running?  I know I can run it up manually if required....

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Ok - Figured it out.

For anyone else that's interested it was webmin, I stopped webmin...

/etc/init.d/webmin stop

.. then disabled it...

update-rc.d webmin disable

If I need it again, I can always...

/etc/init.d/webmin start

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Glad that you worked it out.

Although FWIW the commands that you used are legacy commands and shouldn't always be expected to work (they'll only work if there is still a legacy sysvinit script in /etc/init.d). The modern equivalents are:

systemctl stop webmin
systemctl disable webmin

Or stop and disable in one command:

systemctl disable --now webmin

FWIW stunnel will still be running on port 12321 as well (it sits between port 10000 & 12321). If you also want to stop that:

systemctl status stunnel4@webmin

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