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On shutdown "Sign-up restrictions" --> "Sign-up enabled"
Error 500 crashes "Whoops, something went wrong on our end."


I can't find a solution to the problem.



GitLab Shell13.22.2

GitLab Workhorsev14.7.2

GitLab APIv4




Redis 6.0.16

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We haven't produced an updated GitLab appliance for a while because it's such a PITA to make it reliable for new users.

Even if this is a TurnKey appliance, then I don't actually have much experience with GitLab so unlikely to have answers. The only thing I can recommend is you check that you have GitLab installed from the Omnibus package. If you do, then perhaps try updating as see if that helps?

If it's nto a TurnKey appliance and/or updating to the latest GitLab release doesn't help, then GitLab recommend first searching the docs, then if you can't find anything there, searching and/or posting in the GitLab community forums and/or StackOverflow ('gitlab' tag). Worst case, if you're willing to pay, then GitLab have paid support plans.

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installed directly, not TurnKey , and everything worked =)

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You can use this fix --> 
gitlab-rails c
settings = ApplicationSetting.last
settings.update_column(:runners_registration_token_encrypted, nil)
settings.update_column(:encrypted_ci_jwt_signing_key, nil)
gitlab-ctl restart
Ref: https://gist.github.com/aursu/fdda2c9e6e26ba7fc2d903ae5f06e4d6  

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