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I need to connect external computers to a local domain. What ports must be open on the router to allow the connection? or I have to make it other way? I use the domain controller version 16.0
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Ports are:

TCP: 22 80 88 135 139 389 443 445 464 631 3268 12320 12321
UDP: 123 137 138

FYI, they are noted in the appliance's Makefile. You could also check the firewall config in Webmin.

Note, of the TCP ports, that is all the ports that need to be open to access every service. If you just want Samba, then you can skip many of them. E.g. 22 is SSH, 80 & 443 are HTTP & HTTPS respectively; 12320 & 12321 are Webshell & Webmin respectively.

Having said that, personally I wouldn't be connecting a domain across the internet like that. I would be linking into the site via a VPN. Then connect to the domain via the VPN.

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