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Thanks to some need guidance, I am now playing with File Server. I am running a lxc container and resource wise it looks great. On my Proxmox server, I have attached a JBOD drive container with 4x6TB drives. I created a mountpoint to my lxc container so I am able to access the array (except it is not an array at this moment. 


Since the JBOD box connected through USB3, I thought I would make use of mergefs and snapraid to create a decent RAID like setup. My question of the day is: Can I install on the container mergefs and snapraid and let the File Server (Turnkey) manage the drives (although they are mounted).


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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As I just noted in your other thread, I'm not familiar with either, although they seem a popular pair.

And funnily enough, one of the threads I was going to direct you towards (on Proxmox forums) appears you are already active in!? :)

Unfortunately, whilst I do use Proxmox and LXC containers lots myself, I don't really do anything complicated or tricky and I'm far from an expert. I do know that some things can be quite tricky to get running in LXC containers. I suspect that the most recent post on the thread I noted above; essentially "install it on the host" might be the quickest, easiest way to go?

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