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Hi there,

A couple of quick updates and a tease about the upcoming v17.0 release. Including an important announcement for early adopters of (the upcoming, as yet not officially released) v17.0/Debian Bullseye/11 based systems.

Core & TKLDev v17.0 Release Candidates - ready for battletesting

We published v17.0 release candidates of Core and TKLDev in December 2021. If you get a chance, please do not hesitate to download the ISO, give it a spin and share your feedback. Hopefully v17.0 stable releases won't be too far away...

Upcoming TurnKey v17.0/Bullseye apt repo changes - Bullseye users may need to manually clear caches

I plan to push potentially breaking updates to the TurnKey 'bullseye' and 'bullseye-testing' apt repositories early this week (Tue, 1st Feb 2022 am AEDT - UTC+11). Hopefully none of you are yet running a Debian Bullseye/11 based system in production. But if you are (or if you have a dev system that is), then you'll want to clear your apt cache(s) after I've pushed the updates. Please check the first line of the blog post announcement to be sure that I've completed the works before clearing the caches. (No harm done if you do it before I've completed the work, but little value as it needs to be cleared afterwards...).

v17.0 stable appliances coming soon...

Whilst we don't release until ready, fingers crossed, we should be ready to start publishing stable v17.0 appliances soon! I'll put up new blog post announcements as they are published and ready for use. I also intend to publish monthly roundups of appliances published to date.


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