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Dear user,

It's been a busy month. A couple of updates:

  1. Appliance development contest: In an attempt to put your donation money to good use, we announced yesterday an appliance development contest.

    To celebrate the occasion we'll be giving live training on how to customize existing TurnKey appliances and create new ones, so anyone willing to learn a few basic Linux skills is invited to join in on the fun. With your help we could potentially double the appliance library by the next release!

    Learn more:

  2. New betas of TurnKey Core: on Ubuntu Lucid 10.04 and (surprise!) Debian Lenny.

    We're inviting the community to try them and provide feedback. TurnKey Core is the base for all appliances in the TurnKey library so we released it earlier than the other appliances.

    Download the beta of TurnKey Core on Ubuntu 10.04:

    Download the beta of TurnKey Core on Debian Lenny:

BTW, we're nearing the unveiling of a new backup and migration mechanism that will allow you to securely backup your appliance's data and then restore automatically to any destination. Stay tuned!

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