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I have been looking and trying turnkey linux for 3 months, I felt really excited about the idea behind turnkey linux, having such a good configuration ready to use, really, save us a lot of time. In addition that wonderful backup process is just, unique.

In our company we use a proprietary framework that loads all the data in memory, that is the reason why we need a lot of RAM. Anyway i thought that having 4 gigs per tomcat process would be sufficient (using PAE). So i installed the images in some vms in a big server in the office. The VMs had 7 gig each (4G only for tomcat) and i configure the backup too. I was showing off telling my colleges that with this technology we can move to amanzon at any time we are so flexible and so.... but unfortunately when i tried to move I was surprised to know that the hub only offers maximum 1,7ram machines in amazon so the idea moving to amazon disappeared. Then i tried to run my instances and tomcat did not wanted to start with 4Gigs of ram due to some strange problem derived of using PAE so the maximum allowed memory was 2,5 G (which is not usable at all for us) so now I am sad to have to leave turnkeylinux after two months, and install a 68bits VM machine and configure it from scratch. What a pity. Turkey is wonderful but while is not moving to 64 is preventing many of us using it.

I did not want to offend anyone just wanted to explain my own experience.

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Just like Christmas...! :)

I wouldn't hold your breath though. I anticipate that we'll see the Debian based TKL v12.x release (including updated and new appliances) first (the devs are currently working on this). Next we should see the Ubuntu 12.04 based TKL v12.x appliances.

My suspicion is that we will see Ubuntu 12.04 based v12.x appliances as 64 bit only. To me that is the direction that would make sense for the TKL devs, but I don't know that for a fact...

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If you're really gagging to get going you could set yourself up with a Debian/Ubuntu OVZ template and get it going. I haven't tested it, but theoretically you should be able to install and run TKLBAM on it. It will probably take a bit of tweaking, but I'm 99% sure it could be done...

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See the announcement for details.

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