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Are there any plans for 64-bit versions of current appliances? If so, what kind of time frame are we looking at? Keep up the great work!

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Planning on using this for a personal HPC/host OS due to simplicity and lightness.  It would be nice to also use this as a guest system that could take advantage of more than 4 GB.

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Its definately possible with the current 32 bit TKL appliances, but by default TKL uses the desktop kernel in the ISO build (it has better compatibility with a wide range of virtualisation and bare metal platforms). In Ubuntu Hardy (the base of the current TKL stable release) there isn't a specific PAE kernel (like there is in later Ubuntu versions) but the server kernel has PAE enabled by default (with PAE enabled 32 bit Ubuntu will recognise up to 64GB). So you will need to install TKL then install the server kernel.

I think this should do it:

apt-get update
apt-get install linux-headers-server linux-image-server 

Then reboot (from memory it should auto boot into the new kernel).

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As all of our servers are 64bit machines for years, with more than 8GB of RAM we see it useless to use the 32bit appliances. And no, we don't want the PAE hassle.

We love the lean and clean TK experience but 64bit support is where scalability meets hardware and we dont want to sacrifice scalatility.

Isn't it just about time for that to happen already??

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But AFAIK its not really a priority for them. As with Debian, when its ready, it'll be released.

Perhaps you'd be better off going for a 64 bit hypervisor and then run TKL as VMs. Surely very few of the TKL appliances would ever use anywhere near 8GB RAM anyway? IMO its a bit of a waste of hardware running TKL bare metal with that much RAM. I have 8GB RAM on a server and I'm currently running almost 20 appliances (multiples of some, some nonTKL and a couple of desktop distros in testing). Usually it sits around 2GB usage and peaks about 4-5GB (despite the fact that I have overallocated RAM, the swap file sits unused). In fairness though, most of them are not hugely loaded up, probably max 20-25 users at once. I use ProxmoxVE and find it great, you can also cluster servers and migrate VMs server to server as required. There are plenty of other good Linux hypervisors about though. 

If you really want to use 64 bit TKL appliances and can't wait until they're ready perhaps you need to consider TKL Commercial Development.

BTW What is the "PAE hassle"? I have never heard anyone complain of that under Linux before (I heard lots of people complain about it under Win - hence why they disabled it in XP). The only complaints I have heard is some RAM missing due to the "memory hole" which somehow 64 bit avoids.

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I have been looking and trying turnkey linux for 3 months, I felt really excited about the idea behind turnkey linux, having such a good configuration ready to use, really, save us a lot of time. In addition that wonderful backup process is just, unique.

In our company we use a proprietary framework that loads all the data in memory, that is the reason why we need a lot of RAM. Anyway i thought that having 4 gigs per tomcat process would be sufficient (using PAE). So i installed the images in some vms in a big server in the office. The VMs had 7 gig each (4G only for tomcat) and i configure the backup too. I was showing off telling my colleges that with this technology we can move to amanzon at any time we are so flexible and so.... but unfortunately when i tried to move I was surprised to know that the hub only offers maximum 1,7ram machines in amazon so the idea moving to amazon disappeared. Then i tried to run my instances and tomcat did not wanted to start with 4Gigs of ram due to some strange problem derived of using PAE so the maximum allowed memory was 2,5 G (which is not usable at all for us) so now I am sad to have to leave turnkeylinux after two months, and install a 68bits VM machine and configure it from scratch. What a pity. Turkey is wonderful but while is not moving to 64 is preventing many of us using it.

I did not want to offend anyone just wanted to explain my own experience.

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Seriously, why is 32bit even being used by default? These are servers not desktops. 64bit is the future and the sooner people embrace it the better it will be for all. 

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Even just providing the base turnkey image in 64-bit would be great, especially for those of us wanting to do portability testing for applications written in C/C++ or Java with a 64-bit VM -- large memory isn't the only reason someone may want a 64-bit kernel.

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Most software deployments nowadays are on 64-bit systems. TurnKey is great as a self contained development system, but the current lack of 64-bit support makes it more difficult to verify that everything will work in production without nasty suprises.
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My company wants to develop a Turn Key HPC cluster solution. Imagine a bare metal install of super computers easy enough for a linux beginer to setup. 

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Just like in the topic. I have a package (allegrograph triple store from that works only on 64bits Linux)  :( 

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Just like Christmas...! :)

I wouldn't hold your breath though. I anticipate that we'll see the Debian based TKL v12.x release (including updated and new appliances) first (the devs are currently working on this). Next we should see the Ubuntu 12.04 based TKL v12.x appliances.

My suspicion is that we will see Ubuntu 12.04 based v12.x appliances as 64 bit only. To me that is the direction that would make sense for the TKL devs, but I don't know that for a fact...

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I have almost passed out ; ) when I have seen the begining of the reply ;) because I thought it has been released.

Can't wait to get my hands on that release ! 

I have everything set up (proxmox, turnkey hub with amazon backups etc.) and ready to go - I just need that TKL based 64Bit linux OS .... 

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If you're really gagging to get going you could set yourself up with a Debian/Ubuntu OVZ template and get it going. I haven't tested it, but theoretically you should be able to install and run TKLBAM on it. It will probably take a bit of tweaking, but I'm 99% sure it could be done...

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we could definitely use a 64 bit box as soon as it's available

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See the announcement for details.

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