TurnKey Linux Virtual Appliance Library

New TurnKey Core version (11.1)

Thu, 2011/01/27 - 13:15


  • Upgraded base distribution to Ubuntu 10.04.1 LTS.
  • No more chimeras (mixing of packages from Debian/ubuntu).
  • Installer (di-live):
    • Added LVM support, with guided partitioning supported in di-live, and webmin module for convenience.
    • Guided partitioning of root volume will default to 90% of volume group to support LVM snapshots out of the box.
    • Moved appliance secret regeneration, configuration, setting of passwords to inithooks to run on firstboot.
    • Installation media will be ejected and a message displayed to remove media after successful installation.
    • Warning messages will be logged instead of inline (caused a bad user experience).
    • Upgraded di-live to latest version compatible with Lucid.
  • Initialization Hooks (inithooks):
    • Setting of passwords and configuration is now done on firstboot.
    • Application specific configuration (passwords, email, domain) is now supported putting an end to default settings.
    • This supports all build targets such as VM builds, and most run in live-mode (convenience, consistent user-experience).
    • Includes auto-apt-archive to configure the closest APT package archive, determined via the TurnKey Hub GeoIP service.
    • All relevant inithooks can be preseeded, refer to: http://www.turnkeylinux.org/docs/inithooks
  • Configuration Console (confconsole):
    • /etc/confconsole/usage.txt has been replaced with services.txt
    • The usage screen is now updated dynamically for simpler management and customization.
  • Updated bootsplash menu:
    • Install to hard disk - default, moved to first option.
    • Live system -> Try without installing (Live CD demo mode).
    • Removed Boot from first hard disk.
  • Display system info in motd, as well non-persistent mode warning (motd).
  • NTP configured with recommended pool servers and to cope with large time drifts.
  • Setting of LANG in /etc/default/locale.
  • Packages:
    • Includes TKLBAM (TurnKey Backup and Migration) + new Webmin module.
    • Includes etckeeper initialized on firstboot (using git-core).
    • Includes logrotate for automatic log rotation.
    • Configured APT to not install recommends by default.
    • Upgraded webmin to 1.520 and default theme.
    • Upgraded shellinabox to 2.10, set default theme to white-on-black.
    • Customized bashrc and bashrc.d scripts.
    • Includes bash-completion (very useful addition for cli).
    • Includes iproute (ipv6 provisoning).
    • Includes acpid (support hypervisor reboot/power down signals).
    • Replaces host with bind9-host (deprecated).
    • Replaces sysklogd and klogd with rsyslog (inline with Ubuntu).
    • Grub2 (grub-pc) pre-configuration (verbose, timeout, console).