• No longer include pool, chanko and friends by default. tkldev-chanko-setup script has been tweaked and some config setup has been moved to package postinst scripts. TODO: more work is still required to make it possible for users to easily build packages. Plus the buildroot repo needs update.
  • fab:
    • major changes to way that the bootstrap is built. Now leverages Debian's debootstrap directly (bootstrap components removed from fab, remaining changes in turnkey/bootstrap repo).
  • buildtasks:
    • significant refactoring, including inclusion of bt-bootstrap script to build bootstrap if relevant bootstrap not currently available.
    • updates to most bt- scripts for Buster.
    • refactoring of bin/signiture-verify to support forcing check of hashfile GPG signing via '--force-gpg' switch (default behaviour remains unsigned files just giving warning).
  • tkldev-setup:
    • refactor to give more meaningful output.
    • change order of repo cloning (now 1st) & bootstrap download (now 2nd).
    • leverage buildtasks/config/common.cfg (fallback to config.example if not setup) to set relevant GPG key ID (BT_GPGKEY).
    • leverage buildtasks/bin/signiture-verify script to check downloaded bootstrap file.
  • Docs:
    • additional development docs now included in build code repo (none included in built appliance by default; yet).
    • many docs rewritten and/or improved.
    • many docs still outdated and/or in need of improvement. :(
  • Note: Please refer to turnkey-core's changelog for changes common to all appliances. Here we only describe changes specific to this appliance.