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"Close your eyes, Demetrius," I said softly, watching as he, frustrated and mistrustful, slowly blinked and then fully closed his eyes, squeezing them tightly shut. "Your cock is so big, and so veiny. It's so hard. It's so powerful. And it's so long, far bigger than any other man's. You are magnificent. "But stroking it to full pleasure has never been enough. Breaking open tight pussies is not enough. No, not even piercing the tightest rosebuds is enough. Your magnificent cock needs more. It needs more tightness, more pressure. "It always needs more. Even more pain. Tell me that your cock needs pain." I waited in the long lingering silence and feared that I had failed; that the priest was still in discomfort and that Aphrodite was unimpressed. But a soft sigh rose from the floor amid a stream of masculine tears and a muffled sniffle. "Yes, my cock needs pain." "Don't be ashamed, beloved Demetrius. I'm not ashamed. I love that you've found the sensations you crave! And the joy you feel in the gaze of the other priests, their eyes upon your strong clenching muscles and raised spread ass. The delicious anxiety of being so exposed and unsure. The mixture of the hot pressure of Belas' sexy foot and the cool relief of the marble floor. Are these the feelings that you crave, dear friend?" "Yes, this is what I've always wanted." The priest's panting and clenching muscles were obvious and as Belas stroked the ball of her foot over the length of his straining cock, I knew Demetrius' orgasm was imminent. "You are so close to making an offering to your goddess. Call her name as you come, now!" "Psyche," Demetrius roared deliriously, his voice echoing through the cavernous room as his muscles flexed and clenched and his cock shaft throbbed and burst forth heavy jettisons across the floor. "Oh Aphrodite, Aphrodite my goddess," Demetrius gasped, still in the throes of his passion. But the die had already been cast and the color drained from me as I dared meet the furious gaze of Aphrodite staring down on me. She rose from her liquid throne, the sweet lushness of her body the absolute realization of sensuous beauty and desire, and stepped lightly until she stood before me. Her peach-pale skin made me ravenous to taste her. I was losing my mind. I was as entranced by Aphrodite as I was afraid of her. But my desire for her had naught to change her fury towards me. She snapped her fingers and Belas attacked me, thrusting a punch deeply in my belly and doubling me over. As I crumpled, she kicked me under the chin, toppling me aside. "Vain, wicked girl," Aphrodite scolded as I folded in a fetal position. Despite my pain and agony and embarrassment, my thoughts still drifted to Demetrius' release and its thick white streaks across the floor. And my pussy shuddered, blossoming with warm, fragrant nectar. Surely, Aphrodite and her priests and priestesses all smelled and sensed my arousal. "Did you believe you could walk into my temple, steal away my lieutenant Eros and lead my followers to worship you, Psyche? Do you believe you have the genius to truly take me on? "Never forget that you are only here, you only exist, at my behest! I've brought you here only because it pleases me. I want to see your wicked talents in action and you shall oblige. I want to see pain, your pain, become pleasure." In a circle enclosing me, Aphrodite's priests were a frightening presence. I couldn't count how many there were. They were a solid wall of naked male flesh, and I couldn't break through to flee. And then I felt two sets of hands lifting and arranging me on a smooth platform without surface or friction against my breasts or mons. I was strapped into place, unable to move even my head side to side. "Leave alone anything that our mistress reserves for her own pleasure," Belas ordered the priests. "You shall give no showing of love or desire or sensuality the goddess reserves. But otherwise, you may use her as you devise." A priest, tall and heavily muscled with skin the hue of polished obsidian, and with endowments even longer and thicker than Demetrius' cock, was the first to approach me. He caressed my jaw at its hinge forcing my mouth open and shoved his uncomfortable girth in without allowing me time to adjust. His efforts delighted Aphrodite and her handmaids. "Oh, but how splendid," Belas cooed her eyes glazed and twinkling joyously. And she turned to Aphrodite. "Goddess what a treasure! She's never sucked a cock before! Look at her surprise and awkwardness. Her eyes are like a young foal's as it takes its first steps!" "Oh how many virginities has this witch retained despite her sluttiness? Perhaps she dabbles in dark magic as well; perhaps she's reborn each day, offending Hades and yet returning as a virgin ready to be deflowered again." Lypi's fingers ran over my clenched pussy. "Perhaps we should explore, my lady?" Aphrodite smirked at me but I had no time to watch her as a hand grabbed mine at a painful angle and laid a heavy, hot cock in my palm. I closed my fist over it as tightly as I could, trying at the awkward angle to pump, but there was no need as the priest was assisting me and making energetic thrusts into my hand himself. Another priest licked my rosebud quickly, perhaps afraid to offer pleasure too displeasing to his mistresses, and pressed his thick cock against my ass tearing me open. I screamed around the cock in my throat, tears rolling openly down my cheeks. "Not yet," Aphrodite finally answered Lypi. "Give her nothing sensual or familiar. For now, I only want to know if the stories are true." The cocks in my throat and ass stretched me to my absolute limit of discomfort and embarrassment. I looked around and found no friendliness or relief. All I could do was close my eyes and go within to my imagination: I felt the cool grass on my back, saw the sky overhead. I was in my lord's fief again, chewing on a blade of sweet grass and listening to the ewes bay and their bells chime. This place of calm pleasure I knew well. And my body relaxed against the trauma imposed on me, taking the priests battering cocks deeper into my throat and ass. "Extraordinary." I heard Aphrodite's surprised voice but it was miles away. The sounds around me were male grunts, and the sounds in my imagination were filtered as such. I was back in my benefactor's fief, and I rolled over in the grass to half crawl-half run up the bend of the hill. I watched in the distance as the shepherds, robust and ruddy youths, bored with the mundane slowness of watching the sheep and energetic in their secreted ways of passing the time, pulled into a close embrace, their tongues and arms caressing almost as harshly as if they were wrestling. The shepherd boys had undressed each other instantly in my mind, and now were on their sides and locked together, each one's mouth on the other's cock. I moaned enthusiastically around the cock in my mouth, imagining myself one of those lean young shepherds and the priest tentatively accepted my encouragement and slid in further, pumping against the back of my throat. I struggled aggressively against my binds until I worked a hand free, and triumphant, I pulled the priest closer and deeper and spread his ass cheeks, my thumb playing over his sphincter as I worked his hips to drive the cock in and out of my throat. The priests were groaning. And in my mind, those groans were the shepherd boys'; one bent on all fours like a ewe before the other, his head thrown back in sheer delight as the other held his hips and rutted him deeply. I pumped my ass back on the priest's cock inside me, my eyes rolling in tremendous delight and my deep moans drawn forth, imagining myself the shepherd boy being fucked. "By the gods," Belas marveled. She walked around the table slowly, carefully studying all its angles. "Neither her breasts nor Venus regions are touched by anything. She's not receiving any such sensual attentions. And yet..." "Yet she is immersed in pleasure," Aphrodite finished on a sigh. And even in spite of my imagined delight, I heard the shake of tremulous uncertainty in the goddess' voice. I took pleasure in her tone, as well as the priests filling me. But suddenly, it wasn't enough. I needed more but my mouth was well filled and I had no way to vocalize my demands or anyone to call out to. My mind was a spiral but I wandered within, descending further and darker than I'd yet known to venture into my budding talent. In a general, fitful plea, I wordlessly called to the hundreds of priests and priestesses and lords and ladies my brief demand: More. My pleas were heard. The priests surrounding came closer, dozens of beautiful men with extraordinary endowments sheathed in velvety warm flesh. They stroked their cocks over my exposed skin and through my hair. And they licked and kissed me and then each other, pinching each other's nipples and pulling each other's hair and stroking each other's cocks. Their moans were a heavenly choir above me as their cocks came to violent release, leaving hot streaks of their offerings across my restrained form. And likewise, the moans of the priestesses and lords and ladies rose in waves through the hall and I realized that all present were seeking their pleasure mindlessly, too, grinding and oscillating against any thing or being presented, some pressed together in fitful masses of orgy, others touching themselves and writhing from their own ministrations. Lords grabbed for the foreign instruments on the table and used them on each other's asses, and the ladies pussies and then their own asses as well. Ladies ripped their bodices away to expose their breasts like flowers blooming to the spring sun and priestesses stood above on altars, spreading their legs and rapidly stroking their clits until they screamed and squirted their offerings of pleasure across the masses like living fountains. The frenzy was extravagant and with neither cadence nor resolution in sight. And it was all at my command, for my delight! Suddenly, Aphrodite snapped her fingers and abruptly all activity ceased. The priests removed themselves from me and the circle of priests around me dispersed. Silently waiting, they stood again against the walls of the throne room. The lords and ladies stood as if perplexed at themselves and their actions. And then none but Aphrodite stood before me. She turned my face side to side, studying my disposition; my dilated eyes and fluttering lids, my flushed cheeks and damp heat. I closed my eyes against her ministrations but in doing so, felt the ghostly sensations of the priests moving in me and the echoes of all I'd seen and heard. Sensations flooded me quickly, rushing and rolling me over the dramatic cliff of pleasure building within me. Years ago, I rolled down the grassy hill of the fief shaking and writhing from the pleasure I'd felt watching the shepherd boys fuck each other in the valley. And now, my hips rolled and shook as Aphrodite held my face, aghast, and I mewled and shivered in her hand as I came before her. Panting and shaken, I looked up at her my eyes glassy and lidded. "Goddess, please accept my tribute …."


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