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How To Find Prince Charming

 "How can I find love?" is a question that begs another: Are you trying too hard to find it?

Prince Charming—that elusive knave of a million broken hearts—is a myth; a creature born of fertile machinations of the female mind. At the very least, he's an ephemeral figment of your imagination who hardly steps into your life at the right time to save you from the wicked witch's wrath.

Most times, women just have to make do with Mr. Right Now while waiting for Mr. Right. But finding a soulmate is not about waiting, hoping and praying for Prince Charming to fall in your lap. It's about living your life in the present and allowing him to fall in your lap at the right time!

The faith that you will eventually end up with Mr. Right should be enough to sustain you. There isn't any need to actively participate in the process because you do not control it—at least, not directly.

To answer the question "How can I find love," you must first ask yourself if chance meetings aren't the real events behind a love story. Time and time again you've met happy couples who said that they met at a party or during an outdoor activity. What caused them to meet—intense concentration?

Hardly! It was their intention that was powerful enough to invoke the law of attraction for love. It was their deep and fiery urge that began as a seed and ultimately came to fruition through constant affirmation. But as much as their contribution was important, equally important was their trust in the Universe and its ability to unerringly bring us to our desires.

In the process of finding a soulmate, a lot of women get hung up on their own part in life's grand stage production. Just let it be, as Sir McCartney crooned all those years ago. The law of attraction for love does not hinge on your ability to focus your attention on it; it merely responds to your deepest desires—the things that you think about most. Therefore, if you are constantly worried about not finding a soulmate, then that is the condition you will be attracting.

The big secret that very few people know about with respect to the question "How can I find love" is this: It is not your job to find Mr. Right. It is, however, your job to know what he should be like. Once every aspect of your ideal One is clearly imprinted on your subconscious, the rest is best left to happen on its own. This is the way of the Universe. Respect it. Receive it.


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