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Trusted Bus Rental & Tourism Recommendation in the Semarang . Semarang is a big city in Indonesia. Semarang has a population of more than 1,700,000 population. In recent years, the spread of the city of Semarang is enormously significant. Many business buildings were built in the city of Semarang. The spread of this area shows the efficacious role of Semarang in national economy. Semarang is one of the strategic cities located upon the north coast of Java. Semarang as a strategic hub that connects the Jakarta-Surabaya area. Semarang has a top of two meters under sea level to 340 meters above sea level. Semarang is a city that has special topographic conditions in form of narrow low-lying regions and hilly regions that extend from west to east Semarang. The western area of Semarang without help has a width of 4kilometers from the coastline, whereas in eastern area of Semarang it is a low-lying area that widens to 11km from the coastline. This low-lying area is a flood region. This low-lying area stretches in northern corner of Semarang and just about cover 40% of the Semarang place. This low-lying area is named Semarang Ngisor. Semarang Ngisor is the center of Semarang's economic activity, cheer center, public encourage center, and Semarang City management center. The Semarang lower area is often flooded every year. The top of flooding is during the rainy season. Flooding in North Semarang area is not without help due to the rainy season, but sometimes it is then caused by overflowing tides. This hilly area in Semarang extends to the southern share of the Semarang region. The hilly area in Semarang is named as Semarang Nduwur. This Semarang Nduwur includes Gajahmungkur, Candisari, Banyumanik, Tembalang, Gunung Pati, Ngaliyan and Mijen. Semarang Nduwur is a additional center of bump in Semarang. The area that has a rotate bump is the Banyumanik-Tembalang area. Infrastructure that supports the events of the population is enormously in favor of economic bump in area. bump in area can be credited by the spread of housing, the emergence of additional economic centers, and the presence of business buildings. Semarang has same brute condition characteristics in the same way as cities in Netherlands. Many regions in the Semarang, including North Semarang, have elevations under sea level. This condition allows flooding in region. Semarang has a 20km coastline in the same way as atypical typology of the coast. The fake of human events has a role in shifting coastal typology, same to the ruckus of reclamation and sedimentation by rivers. One enormously well-known reclamation area is dock Beach. The bump of Semarang is inseparable from the brute condition of Semarang which is a coastal area in the same way as a port. The port is the descent of Semarang's bump until it becomes an urban region. Starting from trading events at the port makes Semarang an efficacious area in economic spread and the contribution of the rotation of encourage goods since ancient times. The rivers that flow in the center of the city used to be the port region. One of the busiest rivers as a ship and ship traffic pathway is the Semarang river. As a repercussion of river sedimentation, finally, the Semarang river is no longer attainable as a traffic lane, next the port is moved to Muara Baru. SEVA Tempat Mobil Online
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