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Blackpool, UK
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I'm a retired IT guy. I worked in the industry for over 40 years, starting out writing binary machine code on an Intel 4004 and moving up through the ranks from there. I've worked as a hardware builder/designer, programmer (operating system, desktop utilities, database systems, 4GL, etc), system and business analyst, project manager, IT architect and cyber-security manager before I retired in 2020. I've always enjoyed IT as a hobby alongside my employment and I'm enjoying carrying that on after retirement. I run a weather forum and other servers doing weather related things. Since I retired I've containerised all my servers and started to apply some of the things I used to enforce at work in my hobby life (it helps to have more time now to do those things). I'm fairly new to Turnkey Linux, first using it in 2021, but all my servers are based on it now so I'm committed to the architecture now.


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