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SLA Time and Report for Jira

SaaSJet delivers reliable, high-performance solutions that provide significant business value. If you supply or hire services, it is wise to establish which requirements they must meet in advance. A Service Level Agreement (SLA) is a contract between the supplier and customer with the conditions.

What is a Service Level Agreement?

An SLA for Jira (also called Service Level Agreement or Service Level Agreement) describes the quality of the provided services. The agreement can be either a contract between external or internal parties. Thanks to an SLA, a buyer is aware of the interpretation and costs of the services he purchases, and the supplier can be held accountable if he does not deliver the agreed quality.

Why a Service Level Agreement?

If the services provided do not meet a specific quality requirement, they must be improved. Because the quality requirements of the services are determined in advance, an SLA makes it easy to check whether they are being met. Based on this agreement, a cost estimate can also be made to establish the amount of money the service will cost in advance. The amount of the costs depends on the type of services and their interpretation. An SLA is also suitable for mapping out the costs of existing services and implementing any cost savings.


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