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Some essays we read with pleasure in the next magazine or collection. Others we run through with our eyes and do not remember. Others become literary monuments. And it's not just the talent of the author. Much depends on what topic you reveal and to whom you write. There are many kinds of essays. For example, there are philosophical, artistic, historical, spiritual-religious, literary-critical essays. According to the form they are divided into notes, letters, lyrical miniatures, reviews. According to the method of presentation - descriptive and narrative, analytical and critical, essays-illustrations, classifications and others. Let's start with the simplest - the mode of presentation. Descriptive essay In such an essay we describe some object. It can be a flower, some product, a person or an animal, a work of an artist or a movie - in a word, anything. In the description it is important not just to convey the main characteristics of the object - appearance, smell, texture, but to reflect your feelings. In the essay-description there is no place for criticism and analysis, but subjectivity is still present - in the features that you pay attention to, in the wording, in the emotional coloring. You can put the description of the process into a subtype. In some ways, it's akin to a narrative: you describe some actions in chronological order, but there's no room in the text for conflict. Narrative essay Action, action and only action! A narrative is a first- or third-person account of events in chronological order. It can be a brief biography, or an account of some important event. The main components of such an essay are the plot, the climax, and the denouement. Accordingly, there should also be a conflict. Definition Essay The definition essay has one goal - to reveal a particular concept. For this purpose, elements of narration, description, illustration, and analysis can be used.


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