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Four Things You Should Know about David Tashjian David Tashjian is a skilled investor and venture capitalist with decades of experience behind him. He is currently the President / CEO of DirectTips, the company behind the digital tipping app Tippy. Here is what you should know about this businessman. He Started His Career in 1982 Tashjian had attended Hampden-Sydney College where he received a Bachelor of Arts / Economics degree in 1977. He proceeded to obtain a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business in 1982 when he began his professional career. Tashjian started on Wall Street when he established Salomon Brothers, a high-yield trading business. After successfully opening and running Wasserstein Perella, he helped to found Grantchester Securities in 1989. He became a managing director of the company and held that post for three years. The CEO of Lazard Global Capital Markets In 1992, Tashjian was given the opportunity by Lazard Frères& Co. to establish a company whose focus would be global investing. With Tashjian as a General Partner, the group had huge success, which is why they promoted him to the position of CEO in 1999. He was also chosen to be a member of the Executive Committee and several other boards within the company. Under Tashjian’s helm, Lazard has established itself as a leading company in the areas of asset management and financial advisory. Today, they are doing business across five continents, 27 countries, and 43 cities. Huge Success with Linq3 Although he had huge success with Lazard, Tashjian decided to return to his passion of pursuing venture capital opportunities in 2007. The next company he established was Linq3, a provider of high-tech solution for cost-efficient avenues for lottery distribution. As the President and co-founder, he managed to sign a partnership deal with international corporations and state lotteries. At one point, the company has 70 employees working full time and funding of $85 million. Tippy Is His Latest Project In 2015, Tashjian participated in founding DirectTips. Over the last three years, the company has been working on the digital tipping app called Tippy which was finally released in August 2018. Tippy is a revolutionary tipping system for the spa and salon industry. Its goal is to help service providers increase their tips and reduce fees of the salon owners. During the beta testing phase, Tippy proved to be extremely useful to its users as it managed to increase their tips for an average of 30%. The salon is required to pay a monthly subscription, but it will save the owners much more than that in processing fees. On top of that, it will improve the satisfaction of stylists and customers and even offer daily motivational tips.


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