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9601 Kent St #16, Elk Grove, CA 95624
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Phone: 415-498-0723 BAI Digital is a cutting edge Internet Marketing Agency that specializes in various disciplines of digital marketing including Web Design, SEO, PPC Advertising, and Social Media Marketing. In this new digital world, many businesses are finding that customers are turning to search engines and social media to look for their services. As a Full Service Internet Marketing Firm, at BAI Digital we give every client a free Business Marketing Analysis. We analyze your demographics and analyze how to get in-front of your targeted clients and get the phones ringing for your services. With a solid marketing strategy, we are able to create for our clients amazing website designs, utilizing an integrated approach to our website design and search engine marketing efforts this makes your branding and positioning in your market that much more powerful. We help the world’s top industry leading companies as well as small businesses to exponentially grow their traffic and digital reach, placing them in-front of more potential customers. We excel at creating full-service content marketing campaigns with one objective in mind: higher rankings in organic search. We also, create a variety of ways in which we get others to cite your website, creating you as an authority in your niche or in your local area. To do this, we use the same techniques and strategies that BAI Digital developed to rank our own website properties to get organic visitors. We cover technical SEO, Off-Page SEO, content creation, and media outreach to ensure more clicks and awareness. Reach out to us today for an assessment of your current digital strategy, and let’s see how we can work best together to help you grow. YOUR INTERNET MARKETING STRATEGY SHOULD NOT ONLY BE ABOUT RUNNING ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNS, POSTING ON SOCIAL MEDIA AND DOING SEO. THERE ARE A THOUSAND DIFFERENT AGENCIES THAT OFFER THIS!!! YOU NEED TO BE POSITIONED TO STRATEGICALLY RELAY YOUR MESSAGE TO YOUR AUDIENCE THAT PLACES YOU AHEAD OF THE COMPETITION AND ALTER CONSUMER’S BEHAVIOR TOWARD YOUR BRAND. If you’re serious about taking your brand and your digital marketing campaign to the next level, grow your market share in your industry, and dominate your competitors. We’d love to share our marketing knowledge with you and help you achieve the full revenue potential your brand is capable of. your words, messages, emails, web content, social posts, FB ads, your images, your headlines, your logo, your taglines… are intended to capture and convert more customers and clients. Positioning is the underlying strategy of every successful marketing program and campaign. If your positioning is off, your marketing will not be as successful as it should be. Your POSITIONING STRATEGY must come first, THEN you develop all your BRANDING elements to support and convey this positioning to your target audience. So to sum it up BAI Digital is a results-first PR agency specializing in digital marketing and social media, with clients all over the world utilizing our digital marketing services.


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