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From experience, there are two ways you can hold a paddle. You have got to try both to see which one you like because if you don't you will always be stuck with one of another. You want to get the best possible choice so you can dominate your opponent. So what are the two ways to hold a paddle ?

Regular Forehand Style: Think about a tennis racket and that is how you should be holding the padding. This consist of both backhand and forehand hitting. This kind of style creates a lot of top spin which makes the ball speed up when bounced. That is why many aggressive players use this kind style. It is an easy style because you are used to holding it like a tennis racket. The other style might be a little bit harder.

Asian Style: The way you hold onto this paddle is really unique. You make a circle with your thumb and pointer and slip the handle from the bottom up. So when you look at the paddle face, it will be towards the ground. This way is great because you can create all kinds of different spins which will always make the opponent confused. The kind of players who use this style knows both offense and defense and utilizes their opportunities. Make sure you learn how to spin the ball correctly so it moves towards the player or out of reach.

Now that you know the two styles of playing, you just need to practice. Find out which one you are good at and you will be able to play more efficiently. A lot of practice will help you become a better player. You should be practicing on smashes, control and defense. You've got to read where the ball is going and that will help you truly dominate your enemy.


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