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How can I confirm when security updates install?

I launched a fresh VM of turnkey-lamp-11.2-lucid-x86, and I did not have a DHCP available, so I had to skip the security installs at launch. I attempted to run the cron from the command line in WebMin (test -x /usr/sbin/cron-apt && /usr/sbin/cron-apt) but it just hangs, and never confirms an install of anything.

Thank you in advance!


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But by design, cron-apt runs silently, so if it seems like it's frozen, then it's probably busy downloading and installing updates! If there are none to install it will exit relatievly quickly.

If you want something a little more interactive, then you could re-run the first boot script again:


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Thanks again Jeremy! I looked at the log, located at "/var/log/cron-apt/log" and was able to see that it did in fact run, when I originally sent the command line, and it did update to the latest security patches.

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Also I probably should have said that by default security updates occur everyday anyway (although you probably knew that).

Thanks for posting back your findings, no doubt someone else will want to check on their updates and now they know how! :)

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good to know.

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