Appologies if this is a silly question or has already been answered elsewhere, I did a quick search around and couldnt find an answer.

I am looking at using TKLBAM to backup a number of appliances which I am going to run as VMs on an ESXI server. From the docs and videos I have seen it looks like only a single appliance can be backed up and restored using a turnkey hub account (and its associated API). Is this correct?

In my scenerio I would like a mantis applicance and several wordpress appliances (along with several other customised core appliances) which will all have independent backups, and be able to be restored independantly. Is this something turnkey supports and how would I go about doing this? (or have I got the wrong end of the stick?)




Ok so after posting this I found this post which partly answers my question. 

Back to my scenario - if I have several wordpress appliances (www,blog,community for example) how does TKLBAM know that it is infact a different appliance and not a new backup of the original appliance and how do I then choose which appliance I want to restore? Hopefully this makes sense.

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TKLBAM backups are "server specific". We you perform the initial backup, the Hub will assign a backup ID (and a specific backup address location). All backups then-after will be associated with that backup ID.

As for management, you'd probably want to change the default backup description in the Hub if you will have several "wordpress" backups.

Hi Alon,

That makes sense, I didnt see that in any of the documentation and assumed it was calculated on the appliance type and any new applicances of that type were also associated with that appliance's backup.

Thanks for your help.

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