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Congratulations to all of the Turnkey for the excellent work, I'm working with Tomcat, Postgres, and Samba PDC, easy to install and configure, very good, my suggestion would be for a Proxy with web caching, URL filtering and firewall, with the possibility of control of users through access groups.

Thank you for your attention.


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Good idea. I've created a new blueprint for this. If we can get the community to help us figure out what's the best open source software to use for this usage scenario there's a good chance this will make it into the next release batch.


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From my travels online Squid seems to be the proxy of choice. FI'm pretty sure Squid offers web caching too. I would be inclined to go with that given its popularity (and its in the Ubuntu repos) unless of course there is a good case for something else . I have plans to play with it, but like many projects, its been on the backburner. If I end up doing anything about it I'll definately share my findings on the dev wiki whiteboard.

This suggestion goes further than I was planning on going but I like it lots.

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Squid is actually the best and has many communities on the subject, I currently use the IPCOP, the PFSENSE and SMOTHWALL and firewall solutions, because each has specific characteristics in order to match the needed all of the users, a appliance with the merger of these three would be the maximum. A major problem faced by users of Squid is a friendly graphical interface for creating rules for access and control access by groups, the famous ACLs. I'm no expert, but would like to share my experiences and issues for the project to go forward.

Ricardo M. Guedes

System Analyst, Network Administrator.


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Thanks for the interest John. I guess the easiest way to get involved would be by trying to get a prototype up and running on top of TurnKey Core using TKLPatch.

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As its not Open Source I don't imagine TKL will be making such an appliance (although I can't speak for Alon and Liraz).

It does sound like its got some great features though so there's nothing stopping you from developing a SafeSquid server on top of TKL Core. Others may be interested too so perhaps document your experience so others can share the fun!

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I've made a TKLPatch based on what I readed here from you guys. Please test this TKLPatch and make suggestions based on your experience.



@MP: Should I send you me paypal account? :P 

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