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I am running a LAMP server..  It runs fine, including PHP connecting to my database.  i wrote some 'custom' code and the php code can connect to the database fine and display the data.  

However, I am trying to bring over a dreamweaver site and run that on the server.  Dreamweavers GUI cant find the mysql server.  It returns a error that it would normally returns if PHP was not enabled.  I triple checked all the mysql settings.

I am thinking it is something that is locked down in the standard LAMP install that is blocking dreamweaver.  I realize this is in no way a LAMP bug but after 3 hours I am losing my mind.  Anyone have any experience dropping a PHP site on a LAMP sever and had any issues getting dreamweaver to find the mysql server?

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But my first guess when reading that the dreamweaver GUI can't find MySQL suggests to me that you are attempting a remote connection to your LAMP appliance. By default MySQL in the LAMP appliance is bound to localhost, so it doens't listen for remote connections. Have a look here.

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Thanks...  I actually already had the ports open and the database enabled for differnt hosts since I was using a sql manager from my desktop box.  

It turned out it was just some random dreamweaver error.  After trying everything for another two hours I ended up printing the settings, deleting the site and adding them back in and it worked fine.

But as pointed out the exact change you mentioned is what others would need to do to enable this.

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(looks like you figured this out since I refreshed the screen).

The following is probably what you did to make this work.


I have run Dreamweaver quite a bit but not off of a TKL Install.  Generally you can use a FTP connection but specify "SFTP://"  rather than "FTP://".

You can test all this with Filezilla.  The way you connect with FileZilla you should also be able to connect with Dreamweaver.

Arguably you can have a Dev Server also running off the TKL install..  you will need to add a different host to do it best...  or simply run a separate TKL machine and use that for the DEV server.  Depends how many resources you have available.

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