I have been fooling around with the hub demo and I am wondering a few things before I feel good about pulling the trigger.

How do you shutdown a server and start it back up? It seems that you can only shutdown. Does this mean I have to launch a new sever everytime I want to bring my instance back online and then restore? I don't want to leave my VM on all the time, I just want it on when I need it.

Do elastic IP cost extra? I assume I can have an elastic IP and then point my domain to it and I can then assign that to any VM I want and I always "own" that IP?

I also don't see how creating an EBS volume works very well, maybe this is because there is no console in the demo? When you attach an EBS volume, does it auto mount in the VM? When I make modifications to my VM are those changes saved to the EBS volume?

Anyway, thanks very much for helping me understand this all better. I searched for answers on forums and in documentation and didn't turn anything up, so I decided to post.

Thanks again.

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There isn't really a "trigger" to pull. You don't pay for use of the Hub, instead you pay Amazon directly for the cloud resources you use. The Hub wraps around Amazon's cloud services to provide a smooth experience for TurnKey users.

Once you terminate a server, it's terminated and can't be restarted. So yes, you need to launch a new server and use TKLBAM to restore.

There is no cost for Elastic IP's that are in use, but you pay $0.01 for EIP's that are allocated but not in use. For more information on pricing, see here.

Think of EBS volumes as external hard drives. You can attach and mount them on your instance for persistent storage, but it's up to you to configure your instance to store data on them. All TurnKey Amazon images include EBSMount, which will automatically mount EBS volumes when attached (if they are formatted). For more information, see here.

I hope the above answers your questions.

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But doesn't Turnkey use instance-store by default instead of ebs?

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That is so that users who don't have EBS enabled can still use TKL EC2 instances. But if you have EBS enabled then you can automount thme on launch.

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