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Some servers we have run on a business line to the office so the upload isn't that great.

How would I change the backup scheduling to run incrementally then do a full backup every 4 weeks o a Saturday night.

I've re-scheduled the script for back ups on one server to run late at night (removed from cron.daily and set a specific cron entry)  - but this could still encroach on a working day as the full backup size increases.


cheers, Scott

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I don't know much about configuring cron myself, but the Webmin cron module is pretty handy! Should be pretty straight forward to make it run when ever you want. :)

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I haven't changed TKLBAM schedules yet myself but most of the info seems to be in the TKLBAM docs and to some extent the Blog Postings and once you need specifics "search" the site for Code Bits and you will find lots of technical how to's.

Documents are right above here at the bottom of the Help Menu.

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Do you want it to occur every 4th saturday or every say 5th day of the month?

Either way it is easy with cron.

I am backing up over 100Gb of data which gets compressed to about 65Gb and takes about 11 days to do a full backup.

Chris Musty


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Sorry - I should have made myself more clear...

Re-scheduling the backup is fine.  But how do you control when a full back is run.  Currently it does it every month.  I can change this via the TKLBAM webmin module to every 4 weeks - but how can I ensure that it starts doing the full backup on a weekend?   Is there a way to reset the backup schedule or force a full backup??



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You can usually force a full backup by running tklbam-backup like this:

tklbam-backup --full-backup 1D

Stick that in a cron job that runs once a month over the weekend and you should be set.

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Select System >> Scheduled Cron Jobs then create a new cron job. You can then specify time and day(s) of the week. IIRC you will need to specify the full path to TKLBAM to get it to work and I'd recommend you use the --quiet switch.

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