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Is it possible to join windows domain with file server applaiance?

I used the icon : Bind to a Windows domain

user : myuser (admin of the domain)

password : mypassword

bind to domain :

I recieve this message :

Binding to domain with command /usr/bin/net join -U myuser .....

cannot join as standalone machine

.. failed! See the output above for the reason why.

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NT domains are more like workgroups. Samba4 supports AD AFAIK and hopefully the next gen of appliances (based on Ubuntu 12.04) will include Samba4 by default.

An earlyish version of Samba4 is in the Ubuntu 10.04 repos (it's listed as an alpha, but apparently its pretty stable) if you want to have a play with it. Some have reported success. However I don't think that Webmin supports it so you'll have to configure it manually which could be a bit of a pain...

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