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Hi everyone, I would lie to know if Lamp 11.3 has some sort of accelerator, I am running a few Wordpress sites and it too me forever to get php5-gd installed, some folder was getting locked. Anyways... I would like to have a php accelerator like xcache/eaccelerator/iocube or something like that, eventually i may be running a joomla and zend cart on the same lamp. which accelerator is best for my server and how can I install it, btw i am a noob on linux but know how to follow instructions very well. thanx lulo
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If you have a look at the LAMP appliance page then you can see that XCache is already installed.

Whether that is the best option or not for your intended usage I wouldn't know, but seeing as it's already installed I would think that it is a good starting point. I suggest you contact the revelant developer of the other products you mention regarding installation (or often even a google can turn up some useful info). If you keep in mind that TKL is heavily based on Ubuntu (TKL v11.x is based on Ubuntu 10.04; TKL v12.x will be based on Ubuntu 12.04) then I would imagine you'll find plenty of info.

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Probably a dumb question but how do I load the web admin page for XCache as installed on the LAMP VM ?

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Actually I didn't even know it had one! A quick google revealed that it looks pretty easy to set up. It doesn't specify which version that is for (TKL is based on 10.04/Lucid) but I suspect it'll be fine.

Here is another (although that seems to be referring to LigHTTPd as a web server though...)

Let us know how you go.

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Thanks for the link - worked like a charm.

Might be usefull to have it enabled - or least referenced - in future builds of the TKL LAMP appliance.

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