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I'm attempting to installl OpenVZ File Server within Proxmox 1.9, and while everything installs correctly, I'm having issues accessing the File Server itself.

Proxmox reports the IP Address as 'Unknown', which is generally not a good sign. I noticed in another thread issues with OpenVZ networking, but I couldn't tell if it was relavent to my case. I tried using the fix on the /etc/network/interfaces file, but it didn't seem to have an effect.

KVM is obvious as each VM explicitly receives its own IP, but I can't seem to find how and where to assign an IP for OpenVZ.

Thanks in advance for the help! TKL is awesome!


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By default the IP is set to If you wish to preset an IP then you can do it there when creating the container. But if you'd rather not start again you can set the appliance IP from the (Proxmox) commandline:

/usr/sbin/vzctl set <VM-ID> --ipadd <ip-address> --save

So to set the IP of VM206 to

/usr/sbin/vzctl set 206 --ipadd --save

I'm not sure whether it matters if it's running or not, so perhaps do it while stopped to be on the safe side.

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Alright, you're describing using the virtual network, but I had set it to bridge the network.

Would you mind explaining the benefit of using venet over veth? I know you can't use venet over KVM, and I guess I just got used to using it. I'm still vamiliarizing myself with the differences of OpenVZ and KVM.


I dumped the container and started over with venet, setting it to When I try to connect, however, I'm told the connection was reset server-side while the page was loading. Sadly, I'm not savvy enough to even know where to go with such an error. :|

As always, thanks!

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Ok sorry, my mistake, I just assumed that you were using venet without setting it (PVE default). It was the mistake I made when I first tried out PVE IIRC. If I'd read your post properly the fact that PVE states the IP is unknown should have been a giveaway (the VMs I have with veth say the same).

As for the differences between veth and venet have a look on the OpenVZ wiki.

Personally I use venet whenever possible, mostly just because I find it more convienient. I can create the machine from the PVE UI and then SSH/SFTP straight into it and start work. However there are some situations where it doesn't work nicely. For example I run DNS and DHCP servers as OVZ containers and both of them require veth (won't work with venet). When I use them, I do the extra step of opening the container's VNC console (from the PVE UI) and run TKL's confconsole to set a static IP.

But I have have found both processes unproblematic. Out of interest have can you connect via SSH ok? Have you run the 'turnkey-init' script (inside the container)?

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Well, running the script certainly did the trick. Works great!

Thank you for the resources! That definitely satisfied my curiosity.

Now, I have a question more specific to the app itself: File Server.

I was hoping to be able to drop a bulk of files eXtplorer for archiving purposes, but it appears I have to selecct each file one by one... which is tedious for hundreds. Does anyone know of a means to dump a bulk of local files onto the server?


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But I don't much experience using it and I haven't tested it - it's what google told me! :)

I don't recall where the eXtplorer file go, but perhaps using an SFTP/SCP client (like Filezilla) would be an easiere way to upload mass files. You may have to correct permissions afterwards though (because they'll be owned by root).

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