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I have installed turnkey-mediawiki-11.3, it is awsomw. Also I have transfer my old wiki to this one, however the TOC disapper when login but it shows if anonymous user. Any suggestion?

And is it possiable to upgrade the version of mediawiki?




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So I can't help you there. It certainly sounds like a strange one... Is your old content from the same version? Perhaps there are some subtle differences in the DB between them?

As for upgrading version, yes it is theoretically possible, but as MediaWiki is installed from the repos in TKL (IIRC anyway...) you may be better off just manually installing it to the LAMP appliance and manually migrating your data, rather than messing around with the TKL version (as you''ll probably need to uninstall the current version of MediaWiki prior to update anyway...) Out of interest, what is your rationale for updating? Is there a feature missing or an annoying bug?

[update] It seems that the TOC is hidable on a per user basis, perhaps this has been setup acidentally?

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Hi Jeremy, the problem is the default setting in which in "my preference->misc->Show table of contents (for pages with more than 3 headings)" check box needs to be ticked. I thought it's the verion problem so I want to update it, but seems not necessary now. Thanks heaps.

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