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I'm trying the MySQL appliance out for the first time and I'm having trouble with phpMyAdmin logins.

I'm able to login OK as root, but I can't figure out how to allow other users login privileges.  I've created an alternate admin user and with full global privileges.  I've also created a database with a user that has full privileges to that database.  I can't login with either user, instead I receive the "Cannot log in to the MySQL server" error.

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I just created a test admin user as follows:

- log into phpmyadmin as root
- click privileges -> add a new user
    - specify username
    - specify host as Local
    - specify password
    - grant all privileges on wildcard name (username\_%)
    - global privileges - check all
    - go
- reload privileges
- logout

- log back in as your new user
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Yes, host as local was what I was missing.  Thanks

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looking for this solution for an hour. Thanks for posting!

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Thanks very much buddy for sharing this.

Been struggling for hours .. was adding deleting users & finally your post solved the issue.

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