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Just a note that I believe the documentation on your public web site for your pure mysql vm at http://www.turnkeylinux.org/mysql lists 12322.  

PHPMyAdmin administration frontend for MySQL (listening on port 12322 - uses SSL).

I'm not a phpmyadmin user, so perhaps it means something different than what I expected.  But I expected to use https://myhost:12322 to access the phpmyadmin webapp.  But it is exposed directly on that regular http 8000 port, i.e. https://myhost

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I haven't used the standalone MySQL appliance but your understanding of how it 'should' be (according to docs) is consistent with my experience of the other appliances I have used (ie port 12322). I would be suprised if the devs did not use 12322 consistently across the range of appliances, but perhaps not?

BTW https uses port 443 by default, not 80 (http) or 8000 (assuming you typo'd and meant 80?).

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Thats a very old post, but still relevant.

I have installed a turnkey MySQL in VM today, download was few days ao (3rd of October 2013).

Since I could not access PHPmyAdmin by the way its suggested in the docs, I was browsing for help, came to this post which solved my problem.


I can confirm @EdwardOst observation:

Connecting to PHPmyAdmin is https://server.com and NOT https://server.com:12322 !!

so, @Jeremy, it might be consistent according to docs but unfortunately they do not represent the real picture.

@TurnKey, you have helped me a lot to increase speed of testing, exploring and so on. Keep up the good work !!



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I just double checked this myself and confirmed that you are correct.

FYI I have lodged a bug/feature request on the TKL Tracker.

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