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It would be a good idea for fileserver appliance to have native support for NFS.
This will make really usable for advanced webhosting enviroments.

Samba is ok for the office, but nothing the kernel based network filesystem NFS on performance.
Or does it?


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You're right. If you want a fast unix-to-unix filesystem, NFS is significantly faster, mainly in terms of the throughput you get for large files:

So I think we'll take another look at adding NFS integration to the file server appliance for the next version. Until then, you can always configure it yourself:

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Here is the Blueprint.

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I think that we can all agree that built-in NFS support would be the go! Unfortunately there are only so many hours in the day so desirable features like this (not to mention all the requested appliances) just stack up (and up and up). Huge chunks of time are spent running flat out just to stay in the same place...

So bottom line is that I think we can safely say that we'd all love NFS support OOTB, but without someone taking a lead on it, unfortunately it is probably not going to happen anytime soon...

FWIW the (copy) on the feature request is on the TKL Issue Tracker now. If you are keen then TKLDev can be used to add the functionality (and assuming that the devs approve it) it will be added next release. Even if TKLDev is too hard going for you, documenting step-by-step on how to set it up would be a great start. That could be done either as a whiteboard (wiki page) on the TKL Tracker or as a tutorial here or in the docs (that's a wiki too) - or even here in this thread (or a new one).

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